CPS Frequently Asked Questions

My CPS remote is not responding? >1. Remove batteries, hold down any button for 12 seconds, then install new batteries. >2. Open the CPS program on your computer, open the help menu and select "Test Pads." >3. If there still is no response, please submit a ticket to the Technology Helpdesk. Can I add photos or clip-art to my questions? >Yes, the CPS software supports the standard graphics formats - .jpeg, .gif and .bmp. Can I export a CPS grade report? >Yes, CPS allows you to export student results to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Can I export a class roster from a grade book? >Yes, the roster must be in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format, like that produced by Microsoft Excel. Can the CPS software handle foreign languages? >Simply copy and paste your foreign language questions into CPS from any other application.
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