How to View Your Submitted Tickets

1. Go to and log in using your MCS Google account. 2. Once logged in, click the dropdown box with your initials in the upper left. 3. Select “My Tickets” 4. Here you can view any open tickets you currently have, or any closed tickets that have been previously resolved. a. My tickets - Shows a list of all tickets you currently have open in the helpdesk, including tech tickets, print jobs or maintenance work orders. b. All tickets - Shows a list of all open and closed tickets you have submitted. c. Closed tickets - Shows a list of all tickets you have submitted that have previously been resolved. 5. You can sort any of these lists by ticket number, status, ticket name or by update date. To sort by any of these criteria, simply click on the appropriate field at the top of the list. 6. Clicking on any of the listed tickets will also open a detailed view of all ticket fields, as well as any staff replies to the ticket. You can also add your own reply using the “Add a message…” field at the bottom.
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