How to Install the Google Drive Application

1. Open any web browser and go to 2. Click the “Download for PC” button. 3. Click “Accept and Install” to accept the Terms of Service and begin the installation. 4. A file named “googledrivesync.exe” will download. The downloads bar should open at the bottom of the page (in Google Chrome). Click on the googledrivesync.exe download. 5. The application will open, which will download and install the program automatically. 6. When the message “Installation Complete” appears, click the “Close” button. 7. A new window titled “Welcome to Google Drive” should automatically appear, click “Sign In”. If this window does not appear, follow the steps below; otherwise, skip to Step 8. a. Click the “Show Hidden Icons” arrow on the far right of the taskbar. b. You should see a grayed out Google Drive icon. Right Click on it and click “Sign In” on the box that appears. 8. Enter your username and click “Next” then enter your password and click “Sign In.” 9. Read the information provided, which explains where your Google Drive folder is located and how to open, save to, share and sync the folder. 10. Once you have read over the provided information, click “Done” to close the window. 11. Your Google Drive folder will now open. This is a folder named “Google Drive” which can be opened via the shortcut that is now on your Desktop. 12. This folder automatically syncs with your online Google Drive (The one you access from a web browser, or your phone). You can drag and drop files here, or copy and paste them here from other locations on your computer. These will automatically upload to your online Drive. a. You can also share files from here, or open them in your online Drive by right clicking on the file, selecting the Google Drive option then clicking “Share…” or “View on the Web.” 13. Keep in mind that these files are a local copy of your online Drive. Since these are local files, they can be attached to emails or helpdesk tickets without needing to download a copy (like you would need to do with the online Drive). Instructions for attaching a file to a Mojo helpdesk ticket can be found here. Be aware that you must share the document in order for others to open it when it is attached to an email or helpdesk ticket. a. Print shop tickets need to be shared with Maureen Donnelly
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