How to Attach Google Files to Printshop Tickets

1. First, make sure you have the Google Drive application installed, so that you have access to a local copy of the files in your Drive. Instructions can be found at the following link: 2. Second, make sure that all files you are attaching are shared with Maureen Donnelly. If they are not shared, Maureen will be unable to open the document. 3. Open any web browser and go to, or open your gmail and click the app squares and select Mojo Helpdesk. 4. Login with your MCSD provided Google account. 5. Once logged in, create a new ticket by clicking the “Submit a Helpdesk Ticket” button on the homepage, or the “+ new ticket” button in the upper right. 6. Choose either to submit a B&W Printshop ticket or a Color Printshop ticket. 7. Fill in all appropriate fields, then click “Attach files” then the “Choose File” button. 8. Under Favorites, select Google Drive to open your local Drive folder. (If you don’t see this folder under Favorites, you most likely do not have the Google Drive application installed). 9. Double click the file you would like to attach to the helpdesk ticket. Google doc, sheets and slides will be attached as .gdoc, .gsheet and .gslides files, respectively. 10. Make sure all required fields are filled in, then click “Create ticket” to finish and submit the ticket.
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